Leykis 101 dating rules

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nah, that's no fun, lets judge her by her weight and looks, you all would have make dandy Confederates! And like R64 I believe that she wants to be beautiful and will undergo a Hollywood transformation that will be attributed to 'diet and exercise'.

you got the right approach to what is important in a person! R83, Golden Globes always go to the hot young thing (or in this case, just young).

Odds that R81/89 has ever seen a live vagina in his life: 3%Odds that R81/89 has a biologically female friend who he doesn't refer to as "c*untbag": 1%Odds that R81/89 has rejected offers to join AA/NA because "I can stop anytime I want": 3:2Her "art" is just not special.It's gross to me, because I know they had to develop such try-hard eating disorders.Or, moreso, that they're just THAT desperate to be - it's amazing that a women is still considered property in the 21st century. Isn't it every women's duty to be thin and pretty for men?I don't get the tatts on such a young girl or why, with her money and fame she's allowed herself to be so big, but apparently she resonates with somebody.Ok I'm 55 and found the first season of Girls to be sometimes inspired, hilarious and well written (particularly the ep when he ex said her dad was gay and she ended the ep dancing to Robyn)and at other times to be close to unwatchable.

In addition to winning Best Actress in a TV Comedy or Musical, Dunham's "Girls" took home the top Comedy honor, beating out heavyweights such as ABC's "Modern Family" and CBS's "The Big Bang Theory."I think she is great, talented and I love the fact that she shows herself in such an unattractive light, I also like that she gets laid. Even for fatty,fugly sluts it's not that easy to get laid in the real world. She needs to have an affair with a much older man on the show, just for the shock value of it all!

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