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He is the first in [the Brown family] to have an advanced degree.

I know what a challenge that can be and the dynamic of being one of the people in your family who has had the privilege to go off to school.

DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE or you will indeed regret it!

Sheriff Troy will show an interesting side of himself and people will see his layers. ” did so well because it gave some real perspective on the realities of love.” Had a rich day hanging with my Bruh @jeffsnation!

Let us hope that he finds someone suitable soon and ties the knot with her.

In an interview back in 2009, he discussed his married role and the character’s similarity with him, and here is what he had to say.“A lot of things.

We’re filming this summer and it is a very interesting snapshot into marriage.

The whole cast is returning and the film takes place a couple years down the line.

But if this is indeed true, then he is free from all the gay accusations people make as he has not presented a partner of opposing gender to the public.

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