Lakewood dating

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They met for coffee at the Lakewood Starbucks and hit it off. They shared common interests and discovered they knew some of the same people. That is, the end of Ingram’s online dating run and Villasana’s practically non-existent online dating run.

When Harry Ingram contacted her, he seemed to fit the bill. Ingram had been using for a while and had taken the time to fill out a well-rounded profile, so he typically ignored those without sufficient information and photos, but Villasana lived so close by, he figured it was worth a shot.She’d just gotten out of a two-year relationship, and her friends were always talking about their online dating experiences — albeit not always positively.“I wasn’t really looking hard, but I figured, ‘Eh, what the heck? She filled out as little of the questionnaire as possible and didn’t even add a photo to her profile, but soon enough requests began coming in anyway.Although she was an active participant, she still wasn’t totally sold on the practice.“I was just fascinated by the idea of selling yourself on a screen to live up to your own words in person,” Riedle says.

This time Lindemeier signed up for e Harmony, hoping she’d have better luck finding a good match since “a scientific approach to compatibility” is e Harmony’s big selling point.

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