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Hence why their removal – by exile or by cull – would end (cure) the sickness, restore the balance their rotten deeds and they themselves had caused to be upset, restoring thus the natural flow, and gifts, of Life: of health, fecundity, happiness, good fortune.” In effect, the conceptless empathic and often reclusive way of the Rounwytha is what the initiate following the Seven Fold Way finds beyond The Abyss at the very end of their life-long occult quest (the sixth sphere of the seven forming the Tree of Wyrd), for it is that essence that has, for over a thousand years, been described as Lapis Philosophicus; and what Anton Long has termed the sinisterly-numinous, which is “the living unity beyond the abstract, the lifeless, division and dialectic of contrasting/abstractive/ideated opposites.A division most obvious in the false dichotomy of good and evil.” From its inception the O9A have (that is, Anton Long from the 1970s has) claimed five things.2009-2012) often or mostly just elaborating on this mythos or with the mythos merely being re-expressed using some newly developed terminology, such as the terms dark empathy and acausal-knowing.” That is, most definitely before 2000, and probably in the early 1980s, the philosophy was complete, if only – in respect of some of the more advanced aspects – as yet untried, untested, by Anton Long himself.For what these later writings seem to show is a writing from personal experience; with the early writings, for instance, just mentioning – or more often than not dealing only in a cursory manner with – topics such as the Abyss, pathei-mathos, and the cultivation of dark empathy.

For it has been claimed that they “represent a dangerous and extreme form of Satanism” having, as a reading of the voluminous ONA corpus reveals, “a distinct praxis, advocating as it does not only practical physical ordeals and what it terms Insight Roles, but also practical adversarial acts such as culling (human sacrifice), criminality, political extremism, and even terrorism.” In addition, the ONA is unlike most, if not all, contemporary Occult orders or organizations in that it has no centralized organization, no person claiming to be its leader, no formal membership, and – as the ONA – holds no public activities, meetings, or events, issues no public statements, and detests the use of titles.2nd/3rd century CE) written in Greek, and which text is more popularly known in English translations and as the Pymander dialogue of the Hermetica attributed to Hermes Trismegistus.According to this hermetic text – which pre-dates the Kabbalah by almost a thousand years – there is “a cosmic framework [a system] of seven” of which man is a part , a septenary system which, as the ONA noted in some of their early MSS, the Elizabethan mathematician Robert Fludd made mention of in some of his writings, and which some medieval alchemical texts also make reference to.Occult traditions that owe much to (a) ancient Greek hermetic writings (in the original Greek), (b) Arabic alchemical and Sufi texts (themselves often influenced by the writings of the Greek philosophers and possibly Hellenic hermeticism), (c) ancient Persian and Indic philosophy, and (c) an ancient pagan tradition indigenous to the British Isles.The very name chosen by Anton Long, in the 1970s, to propagate his esoteric philosophy – the Order of Nine Angles – is interesting and indicative.

Certainly, the majority of these later writings, especially those dating from 2009 onwards, have a different tone, with the rhetoric and propaganda – and the ‘satanic diatribes’ – of the earlier writings replaced by sometimes lengthy, staid, metaphysical musings.

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