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Don’t settle for someone because they are willing to take on you and your baby.However tempting this offer may sound, you must be realistic and visualise how you see your future together.A date could be more than willing to support you during pregnancy, but not so willing once the baby arrives.This is why you must put yourself first; your date might not always be there for you, but your baby will, and you need to be strong to look after them, and not worry about what your date is up to.If you start to date someone during the first trimester it is easy and sometimes tempting to hide your pregnancy, but remember that over time your expanding stomach won’t be so easy to hide, so it is best to be truthful about being pregnant.It is very important that you are honest to your date from the start that you are pregnant.

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You need to make sure you can trust them before you even consider letting them care for your baby with you.

Trust is vital for a relationship, and even more so when a baby is involved.

You need to discuss your future plans with your date before your baby is born.

Don’t assume they will stick around once your baby is born; you need to talk about this beforehand.

Alternatively your date must be aware that you will need time to bond with your baby and adapt to being a mother, therefore occasionally they will need to give you time alone with your new baby.

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