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He cut short his studies when he tried to voluntarily sign up for war duties in 1915, but was turned down on health grounds.Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal of the University of Glasgow, said he was delighted with the purchase and that the artefacts would greatly enrich the collection already owned by the University.“We’re proud of the fact that John Logie Baird is an alumnus of the University of Glasgow and so it is fitting and immensely exciting that these important items, which catalogue the world changing work he was conducting at the time of his engineering break through, are preserved here in Scotland and at the university where he studied,” said Professor Muscatel.His first machine was built using the lid of a hatbox, some knitting needles, a bicycle lamp, an old tea chest and the lid of a coffin.It worked by shining light through a spiral of concentric circles fitted with glass lenses spinning on the knitting needle inside the hat-box.Born in 1888, a child of the Victorian age of exploration and invention.Baird, the youngest child of Church of Scotland minister Rev John Baird and Jessie Morrison Inglis, always had an entrepreneurial and inventive mind.

It charts such an important period of modern engineering history so I felt it could not, and should not, leave these shores to move abroad.

But a temporary export bar was placed on its sale until September 29, giving the University of Glasgow enough time to raise the funds to buy the collection and ensure the artefacts stay in Scotland.

However, the purchase was only made possible with the financial support of a successful businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous, who lived for 20 years in Logie Baird’s home town of Helensburgh in Argyll and Bute.

The mechanical television, also known as “the televisor” worked a bit like a radio, but had a rotating mechanism attached that could generate a video to accompany the sound.

It preceded the modern television, which creates images using electronic scanning.

He regularly chats up queer bureaucrats at Public Service Pride social events.

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