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Victims often shy away from going to court out of fear, privacy concerns or the risk of losing their jobs, Tsunoda said.

Justice Ministry statistics show that only one-third of rape cases go to court and punishment is not severe.

Mika Kobayashi, a rape victim, runs a self-help group that has exchanged thousands of #Me Too experiences, but only anonymously among themselves.

Her focus is on providing support and understanding for victims.“I used to think of myself as someone hiding a big secret, a sex assault victim and unclean,” she said.

Otherwise, sexual harassment and other misconduct will persist forever.”The #Me Too movement has not caught on in Japan, where speaking out often draws criticism, even from other women.

In a patriarchal society where women have long taken the blame, many victims try to forget attacks and harassment instead of seeking support and justice, said Mari Miura, a political science professor at Sophia University in Tokyo.“Japan lacks such a sisterhood,” she said. it’s quite natural that victims feel reluctant to speak up.”One woman, journalist Shiori Ito, went public last year.

and that’s why #Me Too isn’t growing in Japan,” said lawyer Yukiko Tsunoda, an expert on sex crimes.

The study found that one in 15 Japanese women had been raped or forced to have sex.Ha-Chu said she initially tried to endure and forget the ordeal, fearing that exposing it would hurt her image and cause problems for her former colleagues.But after news of Ito’s case and the #Me Too movement, she decided to speak out.One of the best advice I can give you is whilst in Kabukicho, you better watch but not touch. Food is not very good, and usually, one glance at reviews and you can see that most restaurants leave tourists disappointed.The prices are high, quality is poor and there are few authentic places around. If one drink is what you are after, make sure you do your research before going in.

Conformist pressure in Japan discourages women from speaking out or saying “no” to many things, including unwanted sex, said Saori Ikeuchi, a gender diversity activist.

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