James franco dating cameron diaz

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The couple tied the knot in January 2015, just eight months after they started dating.If, as Meryl Streep said in her Golden Globe acceptance speech, Harvey Weinstein is “God,” then his company’s awards-show after-party was a bit of Hollywood heaven.Thomas says his arm feels healthy and “alive” now, but says staying focused will be a challenge.“It’s crazy that this’ll be the last one,” he told us. I may break down and cry, ‘I can't see the meatball! ’ ” Thomas suspects this is the last time he and the famously reclusive Letterman will cross paths.The magazine said Blair banged his coffee cup so strongly that everyone in the room jumped. Cameron Diaz, 42 and 5-feet-9, is engaged to 35-year-old, 5-feet-6 beau Benji Madden.The National Enquirer reports that Madden has put a ring on it.“I’d sit with him for 15 minutes and it’d be the same relationship,” he said. While denying any impropriety, Britain’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair said he will “never” spill the beans on his relationship with Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife Wendi Deng.

A PARTY FULL OF DIDDY-OTS Every step you take, Diddy will be judging you.

“I’ll never see him again, ever,” the radio host tells [email protected] He has a ranch in Montana that he’ll probably go to when he leaves in May, and that’ll be it.

He’ll disappear.” Thomas said that even if Letterman did invite him to visit, it would be no different from being a guest on his show. ” BLAIR VOWS SILENCE ON RUMORED DENG AFFAIR His lips are sealed.

It’ll be the end of an era when comedian Jay Thomas and David Letterman get ready to knock a meatball-covered pizza from atop a 20-foot tree on the final “Late Show” Christmas special on Friday. “The producer told me I’ve hit it 12 times and Dave’s hit it three” with a football, says Thomas, who hosts a show on Sirius XM and appears on CBS’ “Ray Donovan.” Though Thomas missed last year’s competition due to neck surgery, he says he’s played hurt over the years.

“A few years ago I was playing around at a golf course and messed up my shoulder a bit, and had to get cortisone shots to throw the ball,” the juicer confessed.

While Madden, 38, and Diaz live a very private life together, he’s no stranger to expressing his love for her in big ways.

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