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It's a Darwinian process: If your screen-name doesn't attract the energy for fueling libidos, you starve, sexually.

An effective screen-name -- like "Opnwide4me" or "Uinmyass" -- leaves little room for second-guessing.

It turns out size does matter, and AOL has become the de facto online meet market largely because of its big member base."There are a lot of other gay Web sites that have chat rooms, but they came after the fact, after AOL," says Ron, a San Francisco marketing consultant who maintains two AOL accounts -- one for cruising and one for everything else.

"They have millions of subscribers, which would keep even the most active gay man busy."The popularity of the gay penis prowl on AOL has more to do with the company's technology than any gay-friendly stance on AOL's part.

Godson's Times column is syndicated to The Irish Examiner.

Suzi is the author of The Sex Book[1] [2](Cassell), The Body Bible[3] (Penguin) and Sex Counsel[4] (Cassell).

She subsequently acquired an Msc in psychology at Birkbeck, University of London.

But none of these has the reputation among gays that AOL does as the go-to place to get laid."It offers an easier means to an end," says Paul, a health-care analyst in Atlanta who says he visits AOL's chat rooms nearly every day.

Men and women alike are using America Online to pick up, peel off and put out with a kind of glee unseen since the summer of love.

But for heterosexuals, AOL is merely a swinger's lounge.

Nothing beats AOL for the immediacy of naked pictures popping up on your screen almost instantly."Rory O' Neill, president of Cybersite, which specializes in building online communities, says Paul isn't just imagining AOL's speed and ease of use.

"AOL uses a local client software resident on the user's hard drive," he says.

Suzi Godson is The Times sex and relationships columnist.

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