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In order to understand invalidation, you first need to know that everyone has basic emotional needs.You're probably aware that humans have physical needs like food and shelter but you may not realize all humans have basic emotional needs as well.For example, someone might hurt others or try to control them as a way to feel secure or feel worthy.You may find that with your knowledge of invalidation, you may suddenly have a new understanding of why others act and react the way they do.You know how painful it is when it happens to you so let's start being aware of when we might be doing it to someone else."Invalidation undermines self confidence because it causes self doubt. Invalidation is a serious violation of our true selves.It's the most amazing perception change when you can suddenly see why you've been acting and reacting the way you have and then understand that you have the power to change it all.If you want to see whether your emotional needs are being met, provides a short 11 question survey you can take.

It will explain to you your inner turmoil and from there a perception shift will happen.You just float past those distressing feelings that rise when you're not validated.If the words don't meet your needs, you can decide to not become entangled with the comments. A lot of parents invalidate their children's feelings without even realizing.Certain conflict might be avoided or reduced simply by providing the validation that the other person needs.Pay attention to when you might be invalidating those you interact with. You could very easily be invalidating someone when you think you're being supportive.

Coupled with a genetic tendency to be over-emotional, an invalidating environment is theorized to be one of the two major causes of BPD.

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