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((๑◡‿◡๑)) Kare pillow vol.3 At-home date with a younger boyfriend Takano Yuusuke CV. Welcome home “Don’t tell me you’re thinking about dirty things” (00.13) Oh, welcome home. Well, if you were busy at work, it can’t be helped.

But didn’t I ask you to let me know in such a case?

Could you, please, stop scatter your clothes about on the bed and just leave. It’s not like I run away from living room because of awkwardness! You’ve certainly overslept this morning and had no time to do anything, right?

Well, this time I cleared up the mess, but it made me feel really uncomfortable to be in living room. I decide to prepare some food only because you don’t eat properly! More than that, you also left dirty dishes in the sink, and the laundry looked like a mountain. I’ve washed all dishes before starting to cook, and laundry is drying right now.

Besides, if you come to watch the game, I can’t let you see me from unattractive side…

For some reason, I don’t have any intention of allowing them to win. There is nothing pleasant about being defeated by the opponent because of this.

Oh, you looking at me with this expression on your face… Drinking is the only thing you are thinking of, right? Look, there is still some stew left in your plate, you must eat it all. It’s kind of weird when I’m the only one who doesn’t drink. Ah, I’ve bought your favourite sake and put it in the fridge. After the game is finished, all members of our team go somewhere to relax together.

In the museum is the real room where Saint Angelo spent days praying and many articles of his clothing and religious implements.

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