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It also describes how to manage and use the query cache, a feature that enables the Oracle BI Server to save the results of a query in cache files and then reuse those results later when a similar query is requested.Using cache, the cost of database processing must be paid only once for a query, not every time the query is run.Incompatible cache entries are automatically removed. Note that query cache entries are portable across different releases of Oracle Business Intelligence, such as between Version and 11.1.1.Caching occurs by default at the subrequest level, which results in multiple cache entries for some SQL statements.

The data is logged transiently (that is, logging starts when you go to the page and select a particular metric for display).

Setting this parameter affects whether you can update the repository when the Administration Tool connects in both online and offline mode.

It also affects whether you can perform other repository update operations using other utilities, such as biserverxmlcli.

See also the following Oracle Fusion Middleware resources on performance tuning for your system: Understanding service levels typically involves monitoring process state and viewing system metrics.

Oracle Business Intelligence automatically and continuously measures runtime performance in real time.

Now Place the cursor on the task and click on the button 'Display object list' which is next to delete button Click on the change button and then add button Give Pgm Id as R3TR Obj as TABU Objectname as Table to be transported as shown below and then double click on the table name,in this case SKA1.

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