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This seems to work quite nicely as a partial explanation for gender stereotypes in Western culture.

In spite of social pushes to break-down gender distinctions, Feeling-type attributes (emotionally expressive, nurturing, relational, etc.) are typically considered “female” and Thinking attributes (impersonal, fact-oriented, business-like, etc.) are considered more “male.” If we fit this generalization, we probably haven’t even noticed it.

Similarly, many Feeling men felt like they didn’t measure up to what a man “should be” in the eyes of their father, teachers, and peers.

They found competition and conflict uncomfortable and often felt more at ease around women and girls than other boys.

Like these INTPs, many Thinking women feel out of place in society.

You’ll either be most comfortable using T/F since it’s your driver process, or you’ll use your co-pilot T/F for decision making to support your primary perceiving process.Intuitive people are far more likely to commit suicide. Sensors follow rules, and they do not see all their alternatives.On the other hand, intuitive people take a more creative approach, and you would be thinking of them when you hear of a tradgic unheard of death in the newspaper (for example, ) Now this part is the easiest.If you’re a woman with traditionally feminine traits or a man with traditionally masculine traits, there’s little pressure to change (though there are exceptions, of course).But if you’re a woman whose mind naturally makes decisions in an impersonal way or a man who prefers harmony to competition chances are someone has told you at some point that there’s something wrong with you.

Lest these generalizations lead you to conclude Thinking people don’t have emotions or that Feeling people can’t be intelligent, let’s take a quick look at what Thinking and Feeling refer to when we’re talking about Myers-Briggs types.

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