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A slave woman who believes is better than an unbelieving woman, even though she allures you.... But Allah beckons by His Grace to the garden of bliss and forgiveness.

And He makes His signs clear to mankind, that they may receive admonition" (Qur'an 1).

A Muslim woman does not follow the leadership of someone who does not share her faith and values.

I however, did date my husband for 10 years and we’ve now been married for 7 years.

6 Things You Must Do Before Marriage They want that more than they want you to be happy.

If you are thinking of marrying someone in a different religion and your biggest fear is that your family or his/her family won’t be on board, this is what you need to understand.

A man slave who believes is better than an unbeliever...." No exception is given for women to marry Jews and Christians, so the law stands that she may only marry a believing (Muslim) man.

First she got to know us in order to assess our compatibility.

Under no conditions is a Muslim woman permitted to marry anyone but a Muslim man.

The same verse cited above (1) mentions, "Nor marry your girls to unbelievers until they believe.

By the time I was thinking about marriage I was already in love with my husband and I couldn’t just walk away.

I suspect that if you are reading this, then perhaps you are in a similar predicament.

An exception is made for Muslim men to marry chaste or pious Jewish and Christian women, who are referred to as "People of the Book." This comes from the understanding that Jews and Christians share similar religious outlooks - a belief in One God, following the commandments of Allah, a belief in revealed scripture (Books), etc.

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