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Individual users of KAT while it existed likely don’t have much to fear in terms of criminal liability.It’s very hard to prove direct infringement in the context of a torrent site, Rothken says.The former allowed users to upload any file (including a pirated movie) and create a unique link to share it, while KAT used Bit Torrnet's peer-to-peer sharing technology.In other words, Mega Upload housed the files itself; importantly, KAT did not.“We’re not aware of any case in the history of the United States where hyperlinking, or the use of torrent files, was ever found to be direct [copyright] infringement,” says Rothken.“If the defense prevails, then the Department of Justice can point to this scenario to tell Congress there may be a need to update the criminal copyright laws.” And if KAT loses, there’s now legal precedent to bring criminal charges against torrent operators.(The most famous precursor to the KAT case, the Pirate Bay, was tried in Sweden, and was a joint criminal and civil procedure).And if the case ends with a conviction, it’s going to be a bad time for torrents all around. We will tell you what you need in a relationship, where you screwed up (without knowing it) in past relationships and a customized action plan to make your next relationship successful.

A recent report from Sandvine pegs Bit Torrent as comprising less than five percent of total daily traffic in North America.That volume means that not only does KAT allegedly cost copyright holders millions, by enabling downloads of first-run movies for free, but also that it’s able to take in nearly million in annual advertising revenue.That kind of popularity, combined with a tendency to dismiss valid copyright takedown requests, combined to make KAT an obvious target for law enforcement.“Websites such as the one seized today brazenly facilitate all kinds of illegal commerce,” said Richard Weber, chief of the IRS’s Criminal Investigation unit, in a prepared statement.If convicted, he faces a maximum sentences of five years in prison for each count of criminal copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement, along with 20 years for conspiracy to commit money laundering.But that's a very big , says Ira Rothken, a technology-focused lawyer who most notably defended Kim Dotcom during Mega Upload’s legal troubles. There are superficial similarities between the two situations—copyright infringement, a lucrative advertising business—but Mega Upload was functionally very different from KAT.

“In my view, without direct infringement you can’t have a criminal infringement.” Instead, Rothken says, torrent-related copyright cases have historically fallen under the purview of civil courts.“There are no content files on Kickass Torrents,” says Rothken.

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