Interdenominational dating

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However, I do suggest that there are practical considerations that you should think about and let them guide you.Consider beliefs For example, there are some who consider speaking in tongues to be a sign that they are true Christians – or at least that it is necessary to truly be in sync with God.

She wasn’t 100% sure what I meant by that label, so she asked me some basic questions about my beliefs (smart girl).

Someone who speaks in tongues could have listened to me and said that I was not actually speaking in tongues.

I do not know and it is really not important to me.

She wanted to be certain I believed in the basic, fundamental truths of the Christian faith (the Trinity, salvation by faith, etc.).

I’m mentioning the beginning of our relationship to highlight an important point: there’s a big difference between dating someone of a different means being in a relationship with someone who is part of a genuine Christian church/denomination other than yours.

Consider style of worship Some people embrace different styles of worship.

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