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Wermanie ancestors of modern I ^"'''''■ ■ ' ■ ■ (Germans. Slavonic ancestors of Xorvvegiaiis and Swedes, l Uissians. The lightning dispelled the evil spirits of the black clouds, and allowed the rain to fall.

They believed ( Vedic hymns) that the thunder- storm was such a contest of good and evil spirits, in which the latter tried to keep away the fertilizing rain.

Thi« influence of the (J reeks .«, , ■" '"""""'•«1 later language, which allied the t. H "'"'""" "•-''«'"^--f ^ood and plained by the f„et thatbe Tnlh ""'"'•'""'""-'f Europe. civilizersofrhe Westot Eu pr TLp, :'"'""'"" "'"•^' "-" 'he -. The power of light, as symbolized in the clear and open sky, was personified in Min- er^-a (Greek, Athene), The triumph of the sun over the night was personified in the con- ception of Apollo.

,io„ d I^^,:.^7';»'';'''"' l-'tion nearest to the Ea.t. This was the origin of the conception of Ju[)iter (Greek, Zeus).

By way of Thrace and Macedonia, and by way of the isitmds of the Archipelago, the pas- sage was an easy one. In connection with these bodily exercises, the art of sculpture be- came a natural ^of Greek life. - 41 77'"^: ,^^Z^'''^' ™ ^^'^ ^«'^^^-"'l^"d by au elective committee of hve state olficers called Ephoix Influence on other States.-'!

Caesar, master of all Italy in sixty days, then sailed for Spain to conquer the troops stationed there before attacking their general. constantly increasing numbers r 1 120 THK H'i M'^X K. Another series of short reigns, with \iolcnl ends in general, intervenes before J)iocletiaii, 'v'Si-SOr). Macclonia and ,l,e llelle^ o, i """'"»"'- h, ,o w.- n,ix..,l-T..racian; »'ac. Hi; I"" ';""' ^'"^ -■ -'■ ^.-an and «.„::: 'n Syria wero Orooiani^od an., m ,''""• ^^^ ^^'•"'-- P'-'-'cians, and Hebrew "Of mixed, bnt the rich and pon T,' ? ^^y^- The poptdations n.-l Z^" J ^t : ^t' V" '"''' ^""" " '"■■-^^- the explanations pa^,ivon of ,h ^"i P- ti.0 Danube and west of , o R .^1 " ' """" """ """"'"'-'' "™'. Sweden, and nenma;rt; :^ IT II^^ ^'"^ "■'" ^-"^^ ^'^ '"^abit^n:: France ajid Bel ' "'"^"'■""' and barhm-ian by Romani.,.,1 Ganls 0^"^. It is important mainly to understand that witliin the limits of the empire Latin and Greek snpi)lanted the earlier di ilecis and languages. un.l r of this ,,onod '» '"-anco, and nhu the ollbrts oi the Church lo in.prove it, are Kuiah U Tilling ai a Munnikin. and this nation above all others luis ever situ-e retained the ideal of the sell'-resi)ect, the courtesy and the bravi'ry of a "man of honor." The Court of the Kiiij; of Franc ' lie^fun to lie looked upon as the highest school of courtesy for the whole kiiif^nlom. convened the Council at Clermont in 109.5, by which tl.' Crusade was publicly proclaimed. was greeted by the assemblage with the cry, " It is the will of God." The enthu- siasm comprehended all orders of society, and private feuds were abandoned. "-* "«"'"-"^' won by the suppression of chantries and rdilnsttf. ," "" "''""' ""^ '=°"" "•''^ last spoil, of the Church. ^ Mary Queen of Scots was brought up in France ; her first husband was Francis II., who died in 1500 (p. She then returned to Scotland and married her cousin, Lord Durnk-y. Igor's widow, Olga, succeeded him, and visited Constantinople, where she became a Christian convert. The Lithunnians (an Aryan nation) belonged originally in the basin of the Nicmen reaching on cither side toward the Vistula and tlie (southern) Dwina. and other Syrian poplla L: L Arabs, and he Assynans.The Latin poets belong to a later epoch than the Greek, and came under the influ- ence of the (Jrc.k mythology in this later period. k • ^rxrr crr^S' " '"^ -"" '- '" - ■-- ing city, heading the most important state of areece down to h. Arcadia, the central province of the Peloponnesus, was also the least important.He offered to do this if Pompey would do the same and retire to his government of Spain, as required by law. The gigantic tomb of Hadrian has become a Papal fortress— the Castle of [St. Marcus Aurelius, 1 (J 1-180, a man of philosophic taste and benevolent disposition, succeeded him. They adopted the religion of Molnmini'^d in the 7th and 8th centuries, after the Arab conquest of Asia, which reached beyond the Indus. Lord Marlborough, whose victories of Blenheim, Ramillies, and Malplaquet are famous, was the controlling mind in English politics till his loss of power in 1711. By the same treaty France abandoned the cause of the Stuarts and recog- nized the Hanoverian Succession. "■ """■■'"- - "''■'■'""'• ""•■-"Pl«'rli.ra„f ll,„..v Hii,;„ ° ""■ "'"K" "Wc Iho .0 „ocos, A,„ or Q„,,,„ ^^^,,,rt:';'■n ','"'! Fr •', e aban- doned all right to military settlements in India. They were turned ijack by the iipproach of a German army and the news of their emperor's death in Chian.The refusal of Pompey to accept this proposal revealed his ambition to attain supreme power. Jn his time tiie war^ with German tribes bcyonil the Danube, in modern Bohemia and Mo- ravia, began to assume an alarming aspect. Then, in the decline of Arab power and civilization, the Turks assumed the role of ruling and propping up the Mohammedan countries. This was already in prospect through the failing health of Anne and the absence of direct heirs. - ■ »" " British Empire in India.-Fro.n this Seven Years' War dates, therefore, the British Empire in India, founded by Robert Clive. They continued to hold all Russia in tribute and subjection, but remained as settled conquerors in the country of the lower Volga, reaching as far north as the city of Kasan.

They were a so tl nmseumsot art, for the most important statues, pictures, and other wir t H ""' " *'""' ""' '•'"" ^'^"^"^^' ^" -»^-.^ ^^^ «*-e of : . Of all Greek temples, that dedicated to the Athe hero king, Theseus, is the best preserved, and serves as a ty^e by wh I" o_ther rums may bo restored^imngination^It w... When e became licentious (lore trivial aspects vjcct of ridicule to rid shook the faith ies, without bring I, and superstition :■ skepticism large- belong to a later B under the influ- this later period, used, however, in iniiliar. Early Settlements.-No records exist of the migrations by Clt-eece was settled. Asia Minor, tiie country about Troy, and the wliole coast of Asia Minor, are found peojiled, at a later day, by Greeks. The poems attributed to hi^a e the first and greatest works of Greek literature. Its capital, Olympia, was the seat of the famous gymnastic games held every four years after b. Great importance was attached to this gymnastic festival, because the military protection of each indepen- dent Greek state was confided to the personal valor of the richer and more highly born citizens. „ • • , i„I.^^T'~'""^'' *""■" '' "" "™ •"o huned Apollo Sanctuary of Delphi, uhen, the I'ythian games were cele- bratod. A priestess seated on a npod placed over a deft, in the earth, fro.u which vapors rose casting, her into trance, gave disjointed and fragmentary answers to th- questions which were put to her by the priests on beh-^lf of those consi Uting the oracle These answers, when .educed to writing, were generally enigmatic, co.ttaining a •louble meaning. The la.'ge province of Thes- say was never important in Ureek history. On the northeast prom- ontory of Acarnania, off Actium.

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