Ideas to celebrate 1 year anniversary of dating

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After 5 years of dating, you two are fully aware of each other’s preferences.I’d advise you to find a win-win option that would suit everyone’s needs.Strictly speaking, it doesn’t matter where you celebrate your anniversary and how much you spend on it.The only thing to care about is how you and your sweetheart feel this day!The allure that marks the earliest stages of any relationships gradually weakens so you need to make certain efforts to keep your lover fascinated.Your anniversary is not the only reason to release your passion but this is what you definitely won’t regret!

There are myriads of cool ideas to propose to your beloved one but I should tell about them some other time. You can read about me here, peruse the archives here and read popular posts here.Drew and I have one — May 5th, which also happens to be my mom’s birthday.Let’s see how you can spend quality time with your sweetheart. Isn’t it banal to have anniversary dates like this? Romance is not a constant, it should be sustained by lovers to last as long as possible.It is completely natural that your connection evolves with time.

Well, I suppose no one can argue with the fact it is a milestone in anybody’s love life – especially in our volatile times when most couples fall apart within the 1 year of dating. Those whose feelings remain fresh after 5 years of commitment know the price of happiness.

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