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Sexpression: UK is a national, student-led, charity organisation, dedicated to facilitating sex and relationships lesson with young people.We are also involved in fundraising, raising awareness and we run some hilarious socials!In addition radical and extremist groups may use social networking to attract children and young people into rigid and narrow ideologies that are intolerant of diversity: this is similar to the grooming process and exploits the same vulnerabilities.The groups concerned include those linked to extreme Islamist, or Far Right/Neo Nazi ideologies, various paramilitary groups, extremist Animal Rights groups and others who justify political, religious, sexist or racist violence.Members of this new Hull branch, will be given the opportunity to attend one of our training sessions, run by our committee members.Once trained, they will be able to volunteer to run teaching sessions in the local community- the lesson plans and resources are all provided, there will be no need to improvise!For more information please see Child Safety Online: A Practical Guide for Parents and Carers whose Children are Using Social Media and Staying Safe Online – Guide for Children and Young People (Hull Safeguarding Children Board).Internet abuse may also include online bullying (see Bullying Safeguarding Practice Guidance).

Similarly, children may be drawn to adopt a radical ideology through a failure to appreciate the bias in extremist material; in addition by repeated viewing of extreme content they may come to view it as normal.

The content can vary, from images of partial nudity, to sexual images or video.

Young people are not always aware that sharing images in this way is illegal.

If you don't have a webcam on your computer, you can still record audio-only messages by first installing the Google Video Chat plugin.

A range of child abuse definitions and concepts are now being seen in an ICT environment.

We offer lessons on 6 core subjects: -Safer sex and contraceptions -Bodily changes -Sex and consent -Relationships and abuse -Sexual orientation and gender identity -Sex and the media Membership provides the funding needed for transport to lessons and to help run socials!

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