How to stop cpanellogd updating bandwidth

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● Two scripts are available to provide these functions as well: – /scripts/runlogsnow – Execute a full log run immediately – /scripts/runweblogs – Execute a log run for a single user Bandwidth Statistics —————– ● Bandwidth statistics are accumulated from a combination of the following c Panel managed services: – HTTP – EXIM – IMAP / POP – FTP ● Bandwidth data is logged to /usr/local/apache/domlogs/*bytes_log ● Parsed bandwidth data is stored in /var/cpanel/bandwidth COMMON ISSUES ● Bandwidth parsing is taking an exceedingly long time to complete – First check the size of the logs being parsed.

Excessively large log files can and typically will take a long time to complete.

Training Seminar 2006 ● UPDATELOGS – Contains the output of each c Panel update executed on the server.

● MAINIPS – Named after the respective reseller users they represent, each contains only the IP address which should be used as that resellersmain shared ip ● ZONETEMPLATES – Contains customized DNS zone templates created in WHM /scripts ——- This directory houses a large number of scripts which serve as building blocks for many c Panel/WHM features.

– Usually indiates that the server load average is consistently exceeding the defined load limit.

● Limit is defined as ‘extracpus’ in /var/cpanel/cpanel.config – Restrictive BLACKHOUR definitions in WHM Configure Backup ● c Panel backups are performed by /scripts/cpbackup, which is configured by default to execute at AM in the root crontab.

● Will be influenced by variables in /var/cpanel/cpanel.config – Skip statistics generator ● skip – Logs will be retained or deleted based on ● keeplogs – keep logs at the end of the month.

● dumplogs – dump logs after parsing Common cpanellogd Issues ———————— ● Statistics are stalling, or are taking unreasonable amounts of time.

● Uses CPU resource limits based upon extracpus definition in cpanel.config Backup Configuration ——————- BACKUP INTERVALS ● Backup script can be configured to operate in daily, weekly, and monthly intervals.● Configured through Statistics Software Configuration and Tweak Settings in WHM ● Statistics are compiled and stored for each account in /home//tmp, with each respective statistics application being assigned it’s own individual subdirectory./home//tmp —-webalizer, analog, awstats, urchin ● Optional server-wide statistics configurations are stored in / etc/stats.conf, while user-specific configurations may reside in /home/ /tmp.– Additionally, if RRDtool is not installed, bandwidth parsing performance will drop signifigantly.● RRDtool can be installed by executing `/scripts/rrdtoolinstall` Log Processing ————- ● Statistics are parsed for each child domain of the given account.

● Remote: This method transmits account archives to a specified ftp server.

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