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Reminding someone of the day they said “I, do” is always an important part of celebrating an anniversary and reaffirming lasting love.In addition to marking the calendar and planning festive activities, it’s important to remember that it’s sometimes the smallest gestures that go the longest way.But Kelly wasn't just a great coach in his first season with the team. In the past, Andy Reid was very forthcoming with injury updates, but his press conferences were about as exciting as watching paint dry. He refused to talk about injuries, but makes up for it in spades by answering questions with personality and humor.We pulled all of Chip Kelly's press conferences from the beginning of training camp, and dumped them into a Word document.You want to be romantic, mushy, witty and loving all at the same time and in the confines of the blank space on an anniversary card. Let your husband know just how much you adore and cherish your relationship with the most perfect words.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your anniversary card greeting short and sweet, but you should try to include something specific about the couple if possible.Also, don’t forget to take advantage of these wedding anniversary invitations when deciding on all of your party particulars.On this day, one year ago, the Eagles hired Chip Kelly.As we all witnessed, the Eagles went 10-6 in the regular season and won the NFC East, which far exceeded consensus preseason expectations.Today, Kelly was named Professional Coach of the Year by the Maxwell Football Club on his one year anniversary with the team.

No matter what the occasion or whom the recipient, create an anniversary card that is guaranteed to pull at the heartstrings with these sample anniversary messages, tips and tricks.

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