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Due to a last-minute rule change (XXI 437-438, 441, 586-587 [483-485, 488, 645-646]) many more affidavits were rejected on technical grounds (XX 446-448 [487-489]).

The “commission” prepared “summaries” which were presented to the Tribunal (x-thousand affidavits alleging humane treatment of prisoners, etc).

Churches received government subsidies until the end of the war.

Due to wartime paper shortages, restrictions were placed upon the printing of all newspapers, not just religious ones (XIX 111-124 [125-139]; XXI 262-263; 346; 534; 539; [292-293; 383; 589; 595]; XXII 40-41 [52-53]).

Peace Palace officials show it to eager visitors and tell them it is authentic; but do not, apparently, answer letters from persons asking to have it tested.

The Tribunal promised to read the 312,022 affidavits before arriving at their verdict (XXI 175 [198]); 14 days later it was announced that the 312,022 affidavits were not true (XXII 176-178 [200-203]).

Martin Bormann Bormann was accused of “persecution of religion” and many other crimes. Bergold, pointed out that many modern countries (meaning the Soviet Union) are avowedly atheist, and that orders forbidding priests from holding high Party offices (that is, offices in the Nazi Party) could not be called “persecution”. Bergold’s words: “The party is described as criminal – as a conspiracy. Documents were produced in which Bormann prohibited persecution of religion and expressly allowed religion to be taught (XXI 462-465 [512-515]).

Is it a crime to exclude certain people from membership in a criminal conspiracy? A condition of this order was that the full Bibilical text had to be used; deletions, manipulations or distortions of the text were forbidden.

This “fact” has since become, apparently, merely “rumour” (Hilberg, “revised definitive” , Holmes and Meier, NY, page 966: “To this day, the origin of the soap making rumour has not been traced”).

The forensically untested “rumour” of Soviet origin (Exhibit USSR 393) is in the Peace Palace of The Hague.

The 312,022 notarized defense affidavits presented at the First Nuremberg Trial have been forgotten, while the 8 or 9 prosecution affidavits which “rebutted” them are remembered ((XXI 437 [483])).

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