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He also played an important role in rebuilding Japan's diplomatic image, traveling abroad to meet with many foreign leaders, including numerous American presidents and Queen Elizabeth II. Among the many peculiarities of post-surrender 1916 propaganda, this photo of Pearse holds a special place.In 1975, the emperor and the empress were honored guests at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, the first such visitby Japanese royalty. Next to Pearse can be seen the legs and coat of Elizabeth O'Farrell, usually described as "hidden by Pearse" where her presence is acknowledged at all, which it rarely is.The civilian members of the cabinet were the robots of the military — especially of the nucleus group, working through the service ministers and the chiefs of the army and navy general staffs.The Emperor himself, through no fault of his own, was the robot of the government — of the cabinet and the supreme command, a prisoner of the circumstances into which he was born …However inevitable Tojo’s postwar fate, however, he was not exactly of a kind with the likes of Hitler and Mussolini.

Once Tojo had recovered from his errant self-inflicted wound,* and even though he had been among those opposing surrender even after the atomic bombings, he played ball with the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (whose trial transcripts run to 50,000 pages).Tojo has enjoyed a bit of a latter-day resurgence in the public regard, product of the nationalist right’s resurgence in Japan.The hanged man’s granddaughter Yuko Tojo has waged a tireless campaign to clear him. Whether her leadership rested on true military genius or simply her ability to lift morale with her presence is open to debate.On this day in 1916, martial law in Ireland was lifted, and the and 28 former Japanese leaders were indicted for war crimes. General Douglas Mac Arthur, in charge of reconstructing Japan after the war, insisted that Emperor Hirohito retain the throne.

Further to that end, his ashes — and those of the other Class A convicts — were covertly added to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine, and remain there to this day.

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