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That means no refined sugar (I do eat natural sugars like fruit, honey etc but not too much). The foods that bring on ulcers are acidic foods - that means, meat (red meat is the worst), dairy, gluten, all processed foods (including fruit juices), sugar, alcohol.

I eat green vegetables with every meal (this really helps alkalize the body). If you avoid these things and nourish your body with fruit, vegetables and real unprocessed, whole foods, it could make a huge difference.

Without going into my life story of mouth ulcers but suffice to say that I have tried nearly everything mentioned and I still got them.

I made a discovery approx 6 months ago which is definitely worth a try.

Since then, when I drink soda from a can, I pore it into a glass first. Please advice me what should I do to remove my throat ulcer permanently I have had canker sores my whole life. I am so sorry for not replying earlier as i could have saved many of you from suffering from throat/ mouth pain.

My dentist finally did some research for me and prescribed dexamethasone. I get them in my throat too and I gargle with it and it works for those too! The solution is very simple yet it is so effective.

It will not only give you instant relief but coconut oil is also anti-viral and anti fungal too. My two cents please :) hi, i have this problem with my chest its really burning and its so painful whenever i swallow something i can feel the pain goes to my back and the pain comes and go.please tell me what i could be suffering from .

The medical profession have no answers except for the fact that Chrones disease & Aptuous ulcers are linked.We conduct guided tours for experts and non-experts, hold lectures, publish specialised texts, and organise workshops and symposia.Tour programmes are organized by our tried-and-tested local member companies.I discovered that CHOCOLATE was a suspect in my hunt for a cure.If you do, even a small amount, what on a biscuit or even a chocolate covered raisin,, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cut it out immediately & wait a week or so.. I have continued to have severe mouth and throat ulcers but I think I've finally found something that works!!!!

Even then, I can usually heal them in about a week now with diet. The body can heal itself from a lot of things if you give it the right tools to do so.

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