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However, in some cases, it's a preferable option to bankruptcy because it allows you to pay off your debts without losing all your assets.

Debt settlement services negotiate with your creditors, including the payday loan lenders, to reduce some of your debt.

This can handle all aspects of your debt, including credit cards, payday loans and collection notices.

They will call and negotiate with debtors on your behalf, as well as work to have your loans consolidated into a manageable monthly payment. Fill out the form above and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Debt relief does just what it says, relieves the burden of debt that you are experiencing.

Some allow you to consolidate your debt down to a single, monthly payment, preferably one with a lower interest rate than what you are paying with each individual creditor.

Others take a monthly payment from you, which goes into a trust to pay off any loans the settlement service reached an agreement on.

The letters and phone calls will stop, the concern for garnished wages will dissipate and you can breathe easy knowing that you are pursuing a path to financial freedom.

The fact is that the path to debt relief may not be easy, however with the services of Be Free Financial you can feel confident that you are on your way to a future free from debt and overdue financial obligations.

Be Free Financial offers several different options for those in debt.

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