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When you are depressed, finding a good doctor or a therapist can feel like climbing the Himalayas, there are so many steps and so many dead ends along the way.

Help her with all that, I would say that's the best thing you can do.

He puts up with me at my worst, and I love him dearly because of it."That being said, it's taken him awhile to understand that willing myself happy doesn't work. If he wants to get off the couch and stop being a lump, he does that too. Let her know you're upset with the situation, not her, and you know it's not her fault. He stuck with me, encouraged me to get help, and was patient while they played around with my meds." —"Mature individuals understand that non-depressed folks have bad days sometimes. has a rough day, sometimes it draws me from my cocoon to try to make him feel better. likes to sleep a lot anyhow." —"As a wife with depression, my husband is incredibly supportive.

Never tell someone with depression to just 'be happier.' But you can do little things, like cuddling, making tea, making sure she's eating well, watching happy movies, asking how she's feeling, going on short walks (but don't push it if she really doesn't want to)."Make sure you separate your emotional state from hers.I love him so much, I hate seeing him down, so even if I haven't managed to bathe or change my clothes 'cause I just don't wanna, can't, I will still try to do SOMETHING to make him feel better, and it just might make me feel better along the way. Knowing you're my girl/coming home to you makes me feel better though. He never makes me feel bad about canceling plans and just goes with the flow. As a woman who struggles with severe depression, the most amazing thing a person can do for you is to just support you and NOT try to fix it. Don't make her feel bad if she doesn't accomplish anything in a day.He also does sweet little things, like he bought a journal and he writes in it every two to three days to tell me little silly things, or he'll leave me a note."We were watching "Remember two very important things:"It's not your fault she is depressed. Don't make her talk about it if she doesn't want to. She already feels so badly about herself and all those things.But as Panksepp eloquently argues: "Animals do have emotional systems that generate feelings, even though hardly a neuroscientist yet acknowledges this fact." Second: Panksepp looks at what our feelings: the primary, instinctual networks in the brain that make them happen.Most neuroscientists, he confided in our phone conversation between Paris (where I teach) and Washington (where he teaches), look only at symptoms. They follow the tradition of early psychologist William James, who looked at emotion as a mental after-effect, a cognitive read-out of autonomic bodily arousals, rather than as brain system which drives us." He has been at odds with these behaviorists for most of his career, this despite the fact that Panksepp's major contributions to the field of emotion are now widely accepted, especially by psychotherapists treating patients for emotional concerns such as depression.

Even if something you did seemed to trigger a bad day for her, this is an illness in her mind, and if X event hadn't triggered it, Y event would have."There is nothing you can do to fix it. Just be there for her." —"I was in her shoes for quite a while.

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