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There are long wooden planks inside the drum that make the skins soft and they hit my body repeatedly.

A major Dhaka hospital diagnosed Jahaj with asthma.

Nor, he said, has he seen a government labor inspector during his five years at the tannery.

Asked why he performed such hazardous tasks, he said: “When I’m hungry, acid doesn’t matter—I have to eat.” Jahaj has had various accidents at work: he once stepped on a nail used to pin leather out to dry, has hurt his back lifting heavy hides, and was once trapped inside a large rotating wooden drum used to hold the skins. ’ After a couple of minutes they turned it off but I was already injured with lots of cuts and bruises on my head, my back, my arms.

Government officials, tannery association representatives, trade union officials, and staff of NGOs all said that no Hazaribagh tannery has an effluent treatment plant to treat its waste.

As a result, huge amounts of chemicals flow off the tannery floor, into open gutters in Hazaribagh streets, and then into a stream leading to the Buriganga, one of Dhaka’s main rivers.

Past and present tannery workers described and displayed a range of health conditions including prematurely aged, discolored, itchy, peeling, acid-burned, and rash-covered skin; fingers corroded to stumps; aches, dizziness, and nausea; and disfigured or amputated limbs.

Although Human Rights Watch is not aware of any epidemiological studies on cancer among tannery workers in Bangladesh, some anecdotal evidence suggests that cancer rates are indeed elevated among workers dealing with chemicals.

Without pushing the pedal, the plate fell on my hand. In Hazaribagh’s tanneries, raw hides often undergo the first stage of tanning in large wooden drums and pits on the ground floor.

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