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The more that Nalluri tries to connect Dickens’ personal breakthroughs to those of his fictional character, the less authentic it feels.

Inadvertently, this forgettable bauble ends up illustrating just how rare and precious true inspiration is.

Yet, it’s impossible to miss the film’s wheezing tone.

Joaquin Phoenix’s raw, wiry performance never strives for greatness, which only makes it all the more affecting.

12 Strong wants to be triumphant but also mournful, rousing but also thoughtful in its chronicling of America’s place in a changing, complicated world.

Park smoothly pilots this film around and through certain narrative conventions—training-montage clichés are parodied, familiar sports-movie characters are rejiggered—and there’s a pleasing familiarity to the whole endeavor.

But there’s also a ceiling to how funny or touching any of this is.

A shattering portrait of a luckless woman unable to pull out of the tailspin that is her life, Where Is Kyra?

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