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Ross grabbed the gun and started fighting with the audience member and ended up getting arrested.Said Ross of the incident: "I had to go to court and Greg volunteered to be my attorney as a favor.

This 98-minute film is thought by many of his fans to be one of his best performances—showing him on stage at work and also behind the scenes, with a glimpse of life on the road as a comedian.Their crowdfunding had raised ,000 in the months leading up to their decision, and ,000 the day of their announcement.Soon after, raised close to ,000 a month between two Patreon accounts.I've always had real trouble knowing what my actual desires and goals are. I can't even tell you why I thought to go to law school." He also stated: "Because I went to Harvard Law School it seemed like I had my shit together, but I did only because it’s not hard.Everyone is so self-motivated that they leave you alone.

Kinda Funny creates content on two You Tube channels: The primary Kinda Funny channel features primarily comedy videos such as Kinda Funny: The Animated Series, as well as Kinda Funny's flagship podcast "The Game Over Greggy Show", while Kinda Funny Games is the company's video game arm focusing on Let's Plays and the weekly podcast "The Kinda Funny Gamescast".

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