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I have one piece of advice for you: Whatever you learned from your dad about girls and dating is probably not going to work.

I’ve just met so many different kinds of women who had their own opinions and beliefs. However, I do believe that due to culture, there are tendencies, preferences, and common thoughts of our topic: Dating.

In regard to questions that probed at their moral compass, the women were likely to conform to the popular vote and agreed with what was being said. This has a lot to do with self-image and not appearing as “easy”, flirtatious, loose, or in Japanese, they say which is honest, serious, ideal, etc.

Like all women, Japanese women are afraid to be slut shammed and they really care about how people viewed them.

Hesitation when answering, changing answers, and how they answered were all influenced by social pressure.

A friend who I discussed this with believe that women over 25 would answer a bit differently than the older generation women.

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Japanese women tended to give really ambiguous answers to difficult questions. The data provided shows their final answers when forced to choose between 2 options.Women want to have an image of With the data I’ve collected, responses from interviewees very and my own thoughts, I tied it all together and tried to make some sense of it all.I hope to help all of you “gaijin” guys out there when taking out women out on your first date(s).As the data suggests, they prefer to eat in Italian restaurants because they are usually nice places to eat.They have a nice variety of food, alcohol is good, and they are known in Japan as places to go for dates.

Once you’ve successfully gotten her contact information, sent her a few messages, and now planning to meet for your first date. It’s your big chance to show off your charm, appeal your good points. What I realized was that I completely most of the time). First of all, I came to believe that there is no such thing as the “average” Japanese woman.

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