Gemini dating

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Also, being ruled by the planet mercury, she is blessed with the gift of eloquence, a spirit that loves to travel, and a mind that seeks surprises and adventures.

So, yes, for all the guys who're looking to date this chick, pull up your socks at all times, because you never know where she'll take the lover in you.

Being an air sign, she needs constant change, adventure, and space so as to evolve in this lifetime.

Yes, her independence and space matters a lot to her and she cannot be dominated by anyone at all.

It depicts duality both in a beautiful and a strange way.

Dating them can be both dreamy and delusion, beautiful yet bizarre and last but Not the least Soulful or who knows sinful (wink). Its good to have someone around who’s inner self is still a child.

We guess this is a plus point for all those who are trying to woo a Gemini woman at the moment.

And you're not allowed to see what's underneath. What we want is to be wanted and appreciated just like we want and appreciate those we care about. If you are planning to ask her out, then we are here to tell you the things you should know before dating a Gemini woman.Don't try to get her attention through flattery and mushy talks, she isn't a gullible girl but a woman of substance who can read you while in a conversation. Teach us something…Do you believe in love at first sight?and we’ve been studying them up close to better understand what makes these truly unique creatures tick, and to see if the following Gemini characteristics hold true.

She doesn't need a fairy godmother to find her way to the ball dance, she will manage all of this herself!

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