Fun icebreaker questions for dating

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If you were to write a diary entry about your last date, what would it say? If you were to advertise yourself on a billboard, what would your slogan be? If you could be granted three wishes, what would they be? Would you rather see the future or change the past? If you had to be someone else for a day, who would you be and why? If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? If a film was to be made about your life, who would you choose to play you? Pick and choose from the list below and have a few of these up your sleeve to help you find out a little more about the people you meet at your Slow Dating event and to keep the conversation flowing. " "I've been to other companies, but Slow Dating are by far the best.Author: Black People Meet “How about this weather we’re having? So is their favorite color and sports team, so you’ve already learned the answers to those vital questions at well. You probably don’t, and I have a feeling your potential miss or mister doesn’t, either.Updated: 29/07/2015One might wonder what sets an icebreaker game apart from other types of icebreakers.

If you had six months left to live, what would you do first?

Life Line This team building activity is similar to the mask exercises since it requires people to share their ‘life-line’ and specifically the events in the past that have shaped them today.

It requires significant introspection and for some people past events can be of a traumatic nature; they might have issues thinking of them, let alone sharing them.5.

If in the meantime you have other suggestions for ‘getting to know each other’ team building activities, then please share them below!

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Example of some of these questions are: The answers to these questions are often fun and more importantly very revealing what the person is about and provides a great2.

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