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You can change the shape and color of many of the items to really customize your avatar's look!

But if you get the answer wrong, the outcome will be much more dire than merely having to start over again. Jack Frost took Elsa skiing, and Aladdin took Jasmine to the beach.

Help them each choose a fashionable outfit in this dress-up game to have them looking fabulous – and Instagrammable – on the slopes and on the sand. Test your pattern-making skills and strategy in Sea Party, the fun and relaxing match-3 game.

Guess The Kitty is the violent version of the "Kitty Quiz" game. The goal of the Spider Solitaire HTML5 card game is to build stacks of cards in order from King down to Ace. Have fun guessing what kinds of cute cats these are in Kitty Quiz, the quiz game where you score pints for every type you guess correctly.

In this game, you also have to guess the profession or breed of the little cats. When you complete a stack it disappears from the board. You’ll see familiar breeds like Abyssinian and Maine Coon, but some are dressed in very creative costumes that may leave you stumped. These princesses are eager to post photos of their holidays on Instagram, so they NEED to be well dressed in Couple Travel Selfie.

Create some avatars for your friends and your celebrity faves too! Prepare pizzas for your picky customers in Bake Time: Pizzas. On the right, you see a schematic drawing showing the right order to stack the ingredients on the pizza.

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