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At the time, Mr Murphy said: “When ITV approached us we immediately clicked; they share our values, they are a national institution that is trusted and well loved and, by joining with them, Friends Reunited will become the UK’s eighth most visited site.” The Pankhursts and Mr Porter left when the group was bought by ITV, then under the stewardship of Charles Allen, and they pocketed a cool £30m each from the sale. They bought it at the peak of Friends’ performance, and since then it has declined, while others have done the social networking thing better,” one industry expert said.

The relationship failed to be as successful as either had hoped. The group has been hit by severe competition in the past few years.

Ian Maude, an analyst at Enders Analysis, said: “The problem is that the world has moved on.

It is bigger issue than just the fee model: the concept of getting in touch with school friends is passé.

Bebo, My Space and Facebook have all gained huge market share as they play to a younger audience, and crucially they didn’t charge.

Eden Zoller, principal analyst at Ovum, said: “Its image has fallen by the wayside.

“People seemed to be driven by nostalgia or maybe curiosity.

He launched a dating service and Genes Reunited, which traces users’ ancestors, as well as expanding into CDs and books.“As soon as hits decline, advertisers start asking questions,” Mr Maude said. Dan Cryan, a senior analyst at Screen Digest, said: “Friends was a site with a subscription model, and sure enough a rival comes along with an advertising model.” It ditched subscriptions and switched to advertising last March, but many feel it is too late.Pulling in ads also depends on more hits and users spending a longer time on the site.It was a brilliant idea at a point in time but hasn’t adapted.” ITV is rumoured to be hawking around for potential buyers as it struggles with issues of its own.It has been hit hard by the downturn in advertising revenues and has been running the slide rule over the assets it could sell to raise cash.

The market expects ITV to reveal its intentions on Friends Reunited either way next month.

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