French rule for dating younger women

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Here's a way to find which works best with your skin tone.

If you're trying to cover your hips, arms or stomach underneath a shapeless blazer, you're actually making yourself look heavier, says Anita Kealey, a Custom Tailor & Designers Association master.

Slimming garments can cut years off your age by smoothing out lumps and bumps.

Heather Thomson, founder of the shapewear brand Yummie by Heather Thomson, says she was horrified by the shapewear she could find after she had kids.

"It's best to look for jeans with 2 percent elastic fiber," says Rothman.

Instead, for a fun (and very Parisian) look, tie the scarf in a bow (or knot) around the handle of a purse in a contrasting color.

Or choose a slightly more tailored piece, like a sheath dress, which gives the illusion of structure but is a forgiving cut for most women.

It seems like the easy fix: Cover as much of the neck as possible with a turtleneck, but a better choice is a V-neck or scoop neck, which draws the eye to your décolletage (so long as it doesn't show cleavage).

The clasp should be on the loosest hook to begin with and made tighter as the bra stretches over time.

"When it is on the tightest hook—that's when you know you need a new bra," says Becker.

A skirt that grazes close to your ankles may hide slightly saggy knees, but it also tends to make women look wider and frumpier.

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