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The Den thinks something is not right after watching the interview and wants 20/20 to take another look at this matter.

At about ten minutes into the video Grant says they have no control over scammers using their pictures.

He goes onto say that the only reason he posted about scammers on Facebook was because his name was being mentioned in the law suit.

He neglects to mention he posted several times about scammers and Nigeria long before the lawsuit was filed. At about Grant says he said he got 10% of all the money that was scammed and obviously that can’t be. I could have sworn at the beginning of this video Grant told us that he doesn’t lie and tells the truth.

As we have shown in this document both Avalos and Grant were friends with scammers. Most of us do not count scammers among our friends.

At about in Grant says the lawsuit was cancelled because of his statements. Glad he admits it, because the main stream media wasn’t reporting the truth but we were.

Only two reporters initially would listen in pursuit of the truth, Terrence Mc Coy of the Miami New Times and Rich Calder of the NY Post.

At about Grant admits he has dealt with Nigerians online. But of course it is impossible for a guy who loves the hustle and is fine with scammers to figure out a way to monetize the relationship.

At about 13 minutes in Grant admits she asks men for things and is receiving thousands of dollars. He represented an adult film company that was being sued by Lucas. His website and his abilities speak for themselves. As we have shown we contacted her originally to help her.

That was a preferred method of payment her Avalos’s website as well.

At about 12 minutes in Grant says of course Avalos will take the money. Yes she says she is Yuliana but as we have shown she lies about her situation with Grant and her feelings for the men she talks to.

Hardly the sweet innocent girl image they have cultivated for the public. At about 15 minutes in Grant talks about how famous the lawyer is who wants to sue At about 17 minutes Grant defends scammers while failing to mention that what they are doing is illegal. We have just shown her involvement in the scams and tried to warn people.

At about 20 minutes in Grant admits Avalos is making money off the men online. We have shown that indeed it was a business for her.

At about Grant mentions how the lawyer, Evan Spencer was spending his own money to get the media involved.

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