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A Victoria Police spokeswoman said an investigation into the incident was 'ongoing'.Meantime, locals are hoping for the best.'I had a dream about the little thing last night - I just hope she's going to be OK, poor thing,' one neighbour said.'It's just tragic, it's horrible.'I thought someone had been shot.'The father put the child on the ground while neighbours, including a doctor and a nurse, rushed to help.The couple, described by Tony as 'nice people', are understood to be Iranian migrants who have not lived at their tidy two-bedroom home for long. Tony and Maria brought the toddler's older sister inside and gave her coloured markers to draw with.'I was trying to keep the little girl occupied,' Maria said.Then from there, you have to load your card with any amount that you choose.

The one-year-old girl was behind the family's sedan at an Avondale Heights house in Melbourne's north-west on Wednesday night when her mother accidentally reversed and struck the child.

'Everyone was screaming - it was horrible for her.'I was saying "let's draw, let's do this".'When it was time to leave, the girl wouldn't let go of Maria's hand. Tony recalled: 'She used to like to come here, she'd like to pick flowers.''Sometimes the mother would close the gate and I'd say "don't worry about it, leave her".'On Thursday afternoon, a Royal Children's Hospital spokeswoman said the child remained in a serious condition.

The family's home was deserted, the windows left open and two prams sat in the front yard.

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