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As The Observer puts it: "We all know that dating apps have gotten tiresomely superficial...

[this feature] turns users away from less meaningful indicators like looks and empowers seekers of love to focus on what really matters: possessions."While free to join, messaging others on the site requires a membership, which starts at US .99 per month.

The highs and lows of relationships, new experiences, your identity, expectations, keeping safe – the list goes on… If you’re getting really caught up in someone, take a step back and double-check you’re actually safe and happy. Sometimes, though, expectations from whānau, friends and society to act a certain way become overwhelming.

Sometimes you just feel like you can’t take any more.

It just means you’re still sorting out what you want, who you are and who you want to be. If you feel like you’re worried for your safety, you can contact Are You OK or Women's Refuge.

You're also probably hearing different opinions from all kinds of different places. If you are behaving abusively in your relationship and want to change, with help you can.

On the plus side, the service is available in Auckland.

In Your League Created for people with too much self esteem, this app gets users to rank each other's attractiveness with a Tinder-like swipe mechanism, then matches users of similar physical attractiveness.

No one’s going to judge you, but they will take you seriously and act fast to help – and right now, that’s exactly what you need.

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