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About 3mths ago I wrote when looking here in the early morning local time that there was the odd person meaning occasionally there'd be a person ie it depends on the text that it's written in so it can also mean a strange person if need be. “Living and working in Vegas has been the most fun i’ve ever had. Super conveniently located right off the Strip it is the closest club to any casino and resort. Now under new management Sophia’s is the ultimate luxury Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas.Rodney has already proven he’s going to be the star pupil. And Dylan’s got a really nice, warped, drug-addicted pedophiliac shtick going. The comics almost never get the contestant to crack up. WEEK 4 After much revision, my bathroom material’s tighter. whether it’s a function of the process that your jokes seem less funny each week.

WEEK 5 During class, I deliver two minutes of new material, e.g. At the end of 8 weeks, you’ll take to the legendary Comic Strip stage in front of a live audience and get a DVD of your performance. by Harry Hurt III (NY Times) A student Perspective by Anne Richmond “I would highly recommend to anyone who’s ever thought about doing standup to check out D. He’ll help turn anyone’s confused musings into well-constructed jokes. I probably wouldn’t have made it passed my first performance without taking the class. The class was instrumental in my passing for the Comic Strip Live professional shows.” – Joe Machi “D. Sweedler has a quick comedic brain and is an excellent editor, which is half the battle. After taking his course, I got a manager quickly and became a working stand-up comic. I’d watch comics and think, “I could do that” – no problem. So already I’m wondering what I’ve gotten myself into. Sweedler, you’ll learn the tools of the trade and hone your craft. PRESS & STUDENT TESTIMONIALS How to Be a Stand Up Comedian (Sort of) by Andy Simmons (Readers Digest) A Columnist Walks Into a Bar… creates an incredibly supportive, unintimidating environment where students are encouraged to help each other. Sweedler will help you find the weaknesses in your writing, while giving you the tools to have a killer set, in a fun, challenging environment. I was once flip and cool on the subject of stand-up.The weather really is just getting stranger and stranger.Like Texas this summer, where it was like 120 degrees for like 60 days.

Forget what your friends say, unless they are Ray Romano, Larry David, or Jerry. I suspect that anyone dealing with the stress and anxiety of our hectic, often chaotic world would find your class an oasis from the grind of day-to-day plodding.

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