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Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll dub it and send it over here to the U. and if not then I'm sure some nice fanatic out there who knows japanese can make some fansubs.-Blaze Fox Kitsune -.- "EMULATION IS NOT A CRIME" -- Anonymous, February 25, 2003 I picked up No.I seriously think the people who created these sites purposely made it impossible to download ANYTHING.

I hate it when they use a different voice for everyone.

BTW were not 8, you prabable are thou hehe otherwise you woulnt have been stupid and said what you said.

you prabable the 8 year old here hehe otherwise you woulnt have been stupid and said what you said.

that was 3 years ago tho and now i can't find it -- Anonymous, January 14, 2003 Well, for those of you who absolutely must have high-quality episodes of the Saturday AM Sonic the Hedgehog, try In order to get those episodes you are required to buy their "Backstage Pass" for a one-time fee of . heard a rumor that Toys R Us was putting the sonic episodes on DVD but so far I haven't seen anything around yet. -Blaze Fox "I'd rather be looking at yaoi." -- Anonymous, February 17, 2003 Here are some more of the links that are working downloads. I bactracked on this particular site and the english is apparantly russian.. I used to have a Russian friend back in the TFC-MB (Tails Fan Club Message Boards) His name was Light The Bat.. *sighs* Fox Kitsune Fox_Gundie_Furry_Toony_Plushie/ Check the Furry Art folders.

They have two episodes available in high-quality AVI (I estimate that it's Div X AVI). -- Anonymous, February 17, 2003 How can I put this nicely..people don't use Real Media!

I have yet to see a video in RAM format that was called "High Quality". ^^P All I can tell you is you'll probably have to wait around for 2010 when the 90's become the retro trend.. I've looked on Kazaa and every single place I can think of.. And if they do they probably have them as tapes and they probably don't have the hardware and software needed to convert them to mpeg or avi.

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