Format for updating a strategic plan

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This is the sequence for the meeting, and you'll find a detailed explanation of each item afterwards.

If you're just starting your plan, take a look at our Introduction to Strategic Planning.Has anything changed about that reality for which need to adjust? Strategic plans often do not reflect the many of the expectations that others have for us that must also be delivered upon.It’s worth spending some time to surface any areas that the group might feel we’ve let slip or are at risk because we haven’t been focused on them.These dreams are kept at bay by our current obstacles and long list of things to do. Perhaps that report writing or grant writing keeps getting pushed to back of your line.Still, it’s useful to play with this conversation for ten minutes to keep as much possibility as we can in front of us. Knowing what areas that we each struggle with can provide opportunities for help or even reassignment of tasks. I've worked with Lucid Meetings to create a template based on these best practices.

Finding the right time for your group to get together and take a fresh look at your future can be difficult when the daily details of running the business are staring you in the face.

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