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I'm not saying to be a player, but it does make a lot of sense to date more than one girl because you don't really know which girl is the best fit for you.Personally, I think if you are more creative, not only your dates can be free, but they are more fun and adventuresome.You will learn how to keep her interested and attracted to you.

Well, he says that women are biologically attracted to guys that are leaders and are confident.And we can wonder what it would be like to have her attentively listening to you across a table at a fine restaurant.Can you imagine yourself being so confident that you can make her laugh at your jokes and teasing?And possibly get her contact information to get together later on. I think most guys are afraid of rejection and "striking out" with her.And to avoid that pain of rejection, they will go out of their way not to talk to her! And to make matters worst, suppose you do screw up your courage and walked up to her and talked to her. You see, a lot of women, especially the attractive ones, are approached a lot by losers.

You will find out why when you read the Double Your Dating book.

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