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#7 Sexual tension sex This type of sex is what fantasies are made of. You kiss each other’s cheeks while saying goodbye and it’s so close it’s a kiss on the lips each time.

You dream about it, and you want it, but just don’t know how to go about it. You touch each other often, and your hands take a while to move away.

Here you won't see of those ugly reject loser girls that want some attention, only the hottest chicks with the most amazing faces and hot bodies that you would wanna pound like no tomorrow!

” “Cause you look so sexy and there’s so many things I wanna do to you…” “Oh yeah, what do you wanna do? Well, unless, you’re the geeky torchlight holder who love talking about ghosts. The dares are so much more revealing and bold, and the truth is such a turn on.

” “I wanna tear your clothes up and #$^&% …” “Uh huh… When we’re kids, we play spin the bottle and kiddie truth and dare. “Of all the people here other than your partner, who would you have sex with right now?

But the passion and the sexual attraction you experience right there could burn a hole on the ground. #6 Talking dirty sex This is one of the sexy types of sex that starts off with words.

Many people fantasize about this, but they don’t really do anything more than use a hand. Two friends or new lovers start talking, and soon the talking gets dirty. A few rounds of drinks and tequila later, all house parties with guys and girls go the same way.

And they’re the sexiest types of sex you’ve ever indulged in.

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