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Therefore, forms on Bob’s site collection can only make connections outside the farm unless he approves the connection first.

Julie’s central store is more secure - only users with access to Share Point Central Administration can modify those files.

So, if you have a form template running on Works great in Info Path, but when you run a form in the browser, you may be running server-side business logic.

That business logic may want to execute a data query.

Central to this system is a data connection settings file in the Universal Data Connection V2 format, called a UDC file.

Bob’s UDC files live in a special type of document library called a Data Connection Library, or DCL.

Julie’s UDC files live in the Microsoft Office Share Point Server configuration database, and are managed via the "Manage Data Connection Files" page in the Application Management section of Share Point Central Administration (I tend to refer to this as "the store").

However, I never took the time to cover the basic scenarios around getting basic data connections to work on the server.

This post will answer the question "how do I get my data connection to work on the server". When we started defining the server experience for Info Path forms, one of the guiding principles we espoused was "design-once." Meaning, provided you stick within the subset of functionality supported on the server, you could design a form once and it would run in Info Path and in Forms Services.

So, this decision is placed instead in the hands of the server administrator who owns security around the form template.

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