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Loss (leakage) of lead from the sample will result in a discrepancy in the ages determined by each decay scheme.This effect is referred to as discordance and is demonstrated in Figure 1.Fission tracks and micro-cracks within the crystal will further extend this radiation damage network.These fission tracks inevitably act as conduits deep within the crystal, thereby providing a method of transport to facilitate the leaching of lead isotopes from the zircon crystal. • If you haven’t dated much or at all before, this might be a great way for you to get to know yourself, find out what you like, and what you have to offer through rubbing shoulders with a wide variety of people.

You may want to learn how to graciously describe what kind of relationship you do want to pursue with someone — if any.Undamaged zircon retains the lead generated by radioactive decay of uranium and thorium until very high temperatures (about 900 °C), though accumulated radiation damage within zones of very high uranium can lower this temperature substantially.Zircon is very chemically inert and resistant to mechanical weathering—a mixed blessing for geochronologists, as zones or even whole crystals can survive melting of their parent rock with their original uranium-lead age intact.The dating method is usually performed on the mineral zircon.The mineral incorporates uranium and thorium atoms into its crystal structure, but strongly rejects lead.

If you find a definite deal breaker, by all means, “close the match” (or do the equivalent, if you meet them “in real life”).

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    That’s why I’ve stopped looking for my soulmate, Channing Tatum. The opinions discussed in this article are solely those of the writer and do not reflect the opinions of Insulin Nation, its staff, or other contributing writers.

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