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You can’t risk offending the terminally offensive while feeding your own child.To be fair, I genuinely believe that Farage and Clarkson are disgusted.Background: By casual observation, I have noticed that males tend to react differently to the sound of a fart.It seems that men are more likely to laugh whereas women are more likely to show signs of disgust.In response to news that a woman was asked to cover herself while breastfeeding in Claridge’s, Farage has suggested that women “perhaps sit in the corner” while they feed their babies.

I suspect that, in terms of actual bodily functions, my childhood Tiny Tears doll was more “lifelike”, but that doesn’t matter.

It’s as close as a woman – and not just any woman, a mother, of all people – gets to dropping the act and being more than just an object beneath the male gaze (and what a shame that to do this, she first needs the excuse of nourishing another human being).

Female bodies don’t just exist to be looked at; they leak, smell, make involuntary noises, and what’s more, if they do all that then it’s also likely that they think and feel.

We might consider such things disgusting, but men can assume the right to be disgusting in a way that women can’t.

It’s understood that male bodies are a part of what men are. Even though, on a basic level, we know that they work in much the same way male bodies do – we shit, we piss, we perspire, we snore – we don’t really want to know this.

If we pretend that other women don’t snore, sweat or have smelly feet, how much more ashamed will we feel of our own bodies, simply for existing in their natural state?

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