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Clearly, "virtual rape" is not the same as the rape a woman experiences in the physical world.

But something as yet unnamable is going on in chat rooms where an erotic scenario can shift to a gang bang with a few keystrokes from an observing male who jumps in with, "Lets skull-fuck the bitch." It is not that all, or even most, Internet sex is violent; rather, that the potential for violent intrusions hovers around any exchange, be it sexual or not.

Despite the disclaimers of many of the participants that what occurs on the Net is pure fantasy, questions abound.

The often violent nature of many of the sexual "fantasies" played out in these interactive chat rooms raises important questions about the dark side of human sexuality and the way in which the Internet permits its free and unquestioned expression in easily accessible public spaces.

While most Internet providers allow parents to restrict childrens access to sexually explicit areas online, the reality is that not all parents become so involved.

Consequently, there are many young people frequenting Internet chat rooms and being influenced by what they encounter.

Women on the receiving end of this graphic sexual violence on the Net have indeed reported being traumatized by the experience.

While many may turn off their computers or leave a chat area if they feel attacked, they often have trouble shaking the memory that a stranger at a far-off computer terminal wanted to hurt them.

So I called it up on-screen and, to my shock, entered a room where a gang rape was taking place. How can we measure the impact on him or on the woman who consents to an erotic scenario and finds it spiraling out of control?When you're fighting for a championship, Roto Experts can help take you to that Fantasy Promised Land.On a summer night in 1995 I witnessed my first gang rape. Are fantasies being explored or are past deeds being recounted?They said then wanted to rape me, spank me until I bled.What made it especially scary is that, as far as they knew, I was just a young girl, a virgin in fact." Cesars story has disturbing implications. Or what if one of the male participants, some of whom may be teenagers themselves, decided to act his sick fantasies out on a real girl?

"The question is, are we desensitizing people about how they can relate to each other, rather than helping them move toward more compassionate relationships? D., a clinical sexologist and a spokeswoman for Feminists for Free Expression, an anticensorship group.

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