Facts about dating men

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Affairs are always more sexually exciting than long term relationships. Having sex with someone outside the relationship will always be much more exciting and sexually gratifying than having sex with your own partner from a long term relationship.

Having sex with someone new for the first time may be one of the reasons, but the bigger reason is the risk that you’re taking to have an affair.

Build a solid foundation based on love instead of anything else.

#6 Physical touches Physical intimacy and physical closeness increases the chance of falling in love.

Friends fall in love all the time [Read: Falling for a friend].

Colleagues at work end up having affairs or falling in love all the time.

Guys are more likely to fall in love based on a girl’s appearance, while girls are more likely to be drawn towards a guy’s behavior.#3 Attractive men Attractive men married to average looking women are less prone to having an extra marital affair.Men are physical creatures and place beauty and attractive looks beyond almost everything else.#5 The length of love The longer the courtship in the initial days, the longer the relationship will be.Flings and wildly intense passionate affairs are great, but they’re not good for long term relationships.

Even if the attractive women aren’t really looking for a fling thing, other men will be less intimidated to approach a woman who’s married a guy who is less than perfect.

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