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You can use either of the schedules or both depending on your needs.e.g: with only changed data in the feed file for faster processing of feed.If you already have deep link information from App Links, you do not need to specify this data.Facebook uses information from App Links to display the correct deep link.You can create, update and delete numerous products in a single curl -G \ -d 'handle=Aczwa OW7j_Eu Q5pe V3k Gq8X9qc7c Div_k Frr Hkd Ku G7Lkpkkq K5939wgdodu SQ45FGK5v Kd Vq Oa SDJEun-fvbs R1kk8Rd53AZy D1WTh Semo26I' -d 'access_token=' https://graph.facebook.com///check_batch_request_status See Product Catalog, Reference, Check Batch Status.Fix and prevent ongoing feed upload errors with rules.Each line contains all information needed to create a Dynamic Ad.

Specify your rules by the attribute (column) they should apply to, by the type of rule, and by parameters.

Because let’s face it, some life events aren’t befitting of a Like (deaths, break-ups, disappointing election outcomes, etc.).

Reactions work in the same way as the original Like button and appear on any post.

Facebook reactions were used over 300 billion times during their first year of existence. Yes, fellow Facebook citizens, it seems we have a lot of pent-up emotion to share.

Much more than cute icons, Reactions have given users the ability to express themselves on Facebook beyond a simple thumbs up.

For CSV / TSV, copy the first row (column header row) and a few products; for XML, copy the XML with a few item / entry, paste the lines into the text area and validate.

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