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This has led many to question the ability of the diagnostics industry to make the necessary changes and transform the way in which we operate.It is imperative in this time of great upheaval, that we look at successful, innovative models in diagnostics as proof positive our system is ready for great change.The modern clinical ecosystem has become dependent upon a complex environment of medical devices, from the simplest consumer glucose meters to the largest imaging devices.The interactions of patients and clinicians, and the sharing of data among devices, is crucial for accurate diagnoses and effective outcomes.Therefore, the list below does not necessarily reflect the final presentation list.A final presenter list and schedule will be published at a later date.But the greater promise lies in the ability of a blood test to surveil for cancer and assuage the concerns of high-risk populations, whether they have inherited cancer risks, environmental exposures, or are cancer survivors.As genomic sequencing costs drop, technology improves, and test sensitivity increases, new applications will emerge.

And the results still have to be communicated to the patient by phone or in a follow up appointment.

In this presentation we will: Nick Desai, CEO of Heal, will discuss the maturation of the doctor-on-demand startup from beta to a roster of 3000 patient visits as of early 2016.

Learn how Heal evolved from a cash-only business model to partnering with health insurance companies and major corporations to offer doctor visits for the cost of a co-pay. oncology community has few peers in the history of cancer care.

It sends patients to off-site collection sites, and then transports their samples in fleets of economy cars and cargo jets to large central laboratories for testing which takes days or weeks to generate results.

This delays medical decisions and adds significant additional costs to physicians, patients and the health care industry as a whole. The past six months have brought intense scrutiny of the diagnostics world from industry leaders, investors and media alike.

Pediatric out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival has remained at 6% since the 1980s.

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